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Our flagship fertility and preconception care course outlines the basics of how male and female fertility works and explains the many “modifiable” factors that affect the ability to conceive in men and women. Essentially, this means diet and lifestyle factors – things that are under your individual control – that affect reproductive function. That includes the importance of weight and metabolic health for everyone, regardless of your waistline. It also covers how these factors influence underlying biological processes so you truly understand the importance of the advice we give and how it can impact fertility. And, especially important at this time, there is a module on stress and emotional factors, to help support you as you navigate this era of Covid-19.

By the end of this course, you should understand what you can do to improve your fertility whether you are a man or a woman, and also be able to look out for signs and symptoms in your own body that may give clues as to why you are not conceiving. This helps personalise the information to you rather than following the same general guidelines that tend to be offered for everyone.

This course will be made available over March and April, pre-order now.

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