Online fertility courses to launch in May

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  • Online fertility courses to launch in May

We are excited to be finally launching an online version of the hugely successful fertility and preconception care course that we have been running for men and women at Leeds Fertility for the past four years. Our courses cover both male and female fertility and have helped patients to conceive naturally and also via IVF and other treatments using assisted reproductive technologies. This often happens after they have struggled for some time, including having experienced miscarriages and failed IVF cycles. Whilst we can’t offer any guarantees, we very much hope that this will help you on the road to having the baby you so desire and, at the very least, your health will improve if you’re able to make some of the changes we recommend.


We have had excellent feedback from our courses, with 100% of participants rating the courses as excellent or very good and all would recommend to a friend. The idea to move the course to an online format actually came from patients, with many feeding back that the course should be compulsory for everyone undergoing fertility treatment.

In additional to the full fertility and preconception care course, we are also launching individual modules on different aspects of reproductive health. The first to be launched is a course on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by the world-famous Professor Adam Balen. Adam is not only hugely respected and a leading expert on PCOS, having led some of the early research on the condition that has helped us understand how it affects women’s health and fertility, he is brilliant at explaining the condition and helping you understand your own body.

Understanding your body is a skill for life and something we are passionate about at Balance Fertility.

Obviously, having fertility treatment halted because of a global pandemic is a difficult and completely unexpected situation. We know how challenging the backdrop of Covid-19 is for couples trying to conceive but we hope our courses will ensure that this time will not be wasted: it is time that can be well-spent improving your diet, lifestyle and nutrient levels ready for treatment and pregnancy. The silver lining is that you now have time to truly focus on your own health, which will not only reap dividends for your fertility but also the future health of your child.

All our courses give you evidence-based practical information on diet and lifestyle that you can use to optimise your general health and fertility. We hope this format will allow many more people to benefit. It is so rewarding for us to run into patients in the supermarket and meet the babies conceived with the help of our courses. We hope to hear news of your success stories via this website. Do keep in touch.