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November 2018

National Fertility Awareness Week is an important time of year for the one in six couples in the UK who are coping with fertility issues. We’ve seen many more people speak out about what can be a lonely and painful path, and personal stories of people in the public eye are increasingly appearing in the press. If you’re trying to conceive, it can be helpful to hear those stories, as infertility is a such a personal issue and it can be difficult to expose something so private to friends and

Adam is a passionate campaigner for the provision of equitable access of NHS-funded IVF treatment around the country, in accordance with NICE guidelines.  He also is Chair of the NHS England IVF Pricing Committee that aims to set a national tariff for NHS-funded IVF services.  He is a strong campaigning voice for patients, and you can listen to him discuss a cause close to his heart via the link below.  See it here: